What is vTiger?

vTiger is an open–source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, that helps you arrange and enhance your company’s sales, advertising and marketing and assistance jobs. By helping you enhance the customer experience, the instrument will let you boost sales volumes and to raise your business.

vTiger is a trademark of Vtiger Systems India Private Limited and is not connected with Maxinville Technologies Limited.

vTiger–Optimized Linux Shared Website Hosting Services

With the vTiger Linux shared website hosting service, you will have your personal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web application configured in a moment. All you have to do is choose vTiger on the web app drop–down navigation menu on the sign–up form and we will install your vTiger copy while configuring your web hosting account. By doing this you can begin automating your important business tasks right after the signup procedure has been accomplished.

Every vTiger Linux shared website hosting package is installed for you for free and contains a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. Maxinville Technologies Limited offers a 24x7 support service, and if you’re not happy with its quality for any reason whatsoever, you should be aware of Maxinville Technologies Limited’s 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Web Hosting Control Panel

For all of our vTiger Linux shared website hosting packages, we’ve created a brand new control panel, designed by us to suit the needs of our users and to work properly with the custom Linux shared website hosting platform. By result of this, our Web Hosting Control Panel runs more quickly and is more secure when compared to all the other hosting control panels.

In our control panel you will find lots of complimentary instruments and bonuses to help you for your site. You can use Maxinville Technologies Limited’s Web Stats tool, which will start functioning whenever your web site goes on the world wide web, absolutely no setup required. You should use Maxinville Technologies Limited’s Sitemap generator for you to rapidly create a newer sitemap for your site with a mouse–click. Always use Maxinville Technologies Limited’s range of Website Accelerators to considerably supercharge your web site.