The network capacity of a web server determines how quickly your websites shall open and exactly how many people will be able to visit them at the same time. Naturally, this isn't the only factor, but it is a really important one. On the one hand, irrespective of how optimized a specific website can be, bad connectivity means low loading speeds or possibly service interruptions, especially if only one Internet provider is used to access the web server. However, an excellent connection with lower capacity will permit just a small number of visitors to explore the Internet site simultaneously, while new visitors will have hard time loading any content. In this sense, the success of your website depends not simply on the content, but also on the site’s accessibility and loading speed. These elements are influenced by the connection which the hosting server uses.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Shared Website Hosting

When you order a shared website hosting service from us, you will be able to take full advantage of the multi-gigabit routes that we use, whatever the location of your account. We ensure outstanding connectivity in all data centers - in Chicago (USA), in Coventry (UK) and in Sydney (Australia), so any website hosted inside them will load very quickly constantly. Each one of the three facilities has direct fiber connections with other major urban centers on the respective continents, and also to overseas cities, so how fast your sites will open depends only on your visitors’ connection to the Internet. By using redundant providers, we guarantee that there shall not be any kind of service interruptions because of a slow or bad connection. We also use completely new highly effective hardware to make certain that the network in the data centers can handle higher traffic volumes without affecting the speed or the functionality of the Internet sites.